Since 2001 in Nivell Publicitari we offer you our experience and dedication to carry out a success with your advertising projects.


With the support of a large group of professionals and the latest printing and handling technology, in printing and handling machinery, providing shipping and installation coverage, both nationally and internationally


In Nivell Publicitari we are always aware of the latest developments in the market, betting on innovation and becoming aware of the use of raw materials and the impact of this into the environment, always within a framework of orderly and sustainable growth.



We work 24 hours to serve our most demanding customers, in more than 4.800 m2 destined to production, commercial and administrative management. We put at your disposal all our resources, knowledge and experience.
We also count on 15 vehicles of different sizes that go from the small, medium and large capacity van, to two crane trucks.


As a leading company in the field of Large Format digital printing, we continue to bet on technological innovation as a differentiating factor to continue maintaining a high level of efficiency in service and quality.
We have the latest developments in digital printing machinery and manipulated, and die-cut.
The machinery park is completed with different finishing devices such as cold and hot laminators, Fotoba machine for the straight cutting of coils, as well as two cutting plotters. With regard to the sewing department, we have 3 machines for the textile manufacture, automatic equipment and manual application of eyelets and 2 welding machines for canvas.
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Madrid (Spain)
40°24'59.4"N 3°42'09.2"W
Barcelona (Spain)
41°23'19.6"N 2°09'32.4"E
Paris (France)
48°51'23.8"N 2°21'08.0"E
Milano (Italy)
48°51'23.8"N 2°21'08.0"E
Amsterdam (Holland)
52°22'26.5"N 4°53'22.9"E
New York (U.S.)
40°42'51.4"N 74°00'21.5"W

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