Social and environmental commitment

In Nivell Publicitari, we believe in orderly and sustainable growth. The traceability, the quality of the works and the analysis of all processes, takes us to a continuous improvement, reducing the inactivity times and creating efficient systems.
iso 9001 qualitat


The ISO UNE-EN 9001:2015 rule is the basis of the Quality Management System - SGC. It is an international regulation that focuses on all the elements of quality management which a company has counted to have an effective system that allows it to manage and improve the quality of its products or services. ISO UNE-EN 9001 CERTIFICATE

Our commitment to the environment, has led us to a more intensive control and awareness of the use of raw materials, trying to reduce to the maximum, the waste produced during our production processes.

ISO UNE-EN 14001

The ISO UNE-EN 14001 rule is the international standard for environmental management systems (SGA), which helps to identify, prioritise and manage environmental risks, as part of its usual business practices. ISO UNE-EN 14001 CERTIFICATE
iso 14001 mediambient
economia circular

The waste generated by some ones become resources for others. The product has to be designed to be deconstructed.



Nivell Publicitari has become aware of the rational use of raw materials and the impact of these on the environment.

That is why we are promoting a Circular Economy project in the Vallès Occidental, promoted by the Regional Council of Vállese Occidental and with the support of the City Council of Ripollet together with the companies LEITAT and SIMBIOSY (specialized in design and implementation of strategies of industrial symbiosis), to limit  the environmental impacts and reduce to the maximum the waste production, using them as resources or raw material. For all this, we are actively participating in product synergies at regional level.

The UV inks that we use in our Durst machines have been certified with the most demanding premises of the independent Greenguard Gold certification body, which guarantee a low emission of volatile agents in indoor air quality.

Cultural and sports commitment

Making culture and sport accessible to everyone is one of our goals. Fostering values such as respect, tolerance, integration and improvement are the main reasons why we actively collaborate in sponsoring these types of activities.


In Nivell Publicitari we are committed to the most disadvantaged and that is why we allocate part of our resources and motivations, to solidarity projects in different areas and we take the opportunity to apply the same principles to our business management.

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